Saudi World Furniture Company was founded on a different vision, aiming to provide a unique experience in the world of shopping. It is distinguished by its extensive expertise and has become one of the leading national furniture and interior design companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in office furniture.
Saudi World has a large team of professionals with national experiences in the furniture industry in a modern, innovative and very high-end manner while preserving the authentic Saudi heritage, as well as different global skills and i deas and what the customer demands Its own factory is located in Riyadh City which has the largest number of local and foreign experiences and the latest furniture manufacturing machines at the Gulf level under the supervision of artisans, craftsmen and production managers who possess the long-standing experience, high skill and modern thought, and thanks to this dazzling combination we have access to new prestigious designs with greater quality and comfort suitable for the customer’s decency and visibility


Saudi world factory has been established since 1979, with first-generation Saudi hands. With the passage of time, the sign has kept up all the obstacles and changes until it has many branches from all the major cities in the Kingdom of Kuwait to the State of Kuwait.
Hence the journey of the current generation with determination to keep pace with the current change and growth in the Kingdom to achieve Vision 2030 with a new strategy to revolutionize the world of furnishings

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From generation to generation we strive

To preserve our ancient heritage in the world of Saudi Arabia and move forward in modern trends that we inherited from previous generations.. for future generations.

Reviving the authentic Saudi heritage

By providing a unique touch by mixing local arts within elegant furniture mixed with modern environmentally friendly touches.

Contribute to developing the industries

Local and expanding and spreading the internal presence while providing a regional and international presence for local Saudi products

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Saudi world furniture shop this good branded facility sofa set lethar and bed cause chair VIP All items available good price king Salman road
شغلهم حلو ماشاءالله الله يوفقهم
شغلهم دقيق ويسوون اللي ببالك??
المكان راقي جدا، حرفيا لاصحاب الذوق الرفيع مفروشات جمعت بين المودرن ديزاين واصالة الماضي بنفس الوقت.
المكان جميل وشرح ويفتح النفس مريح جداًّ .. والتعامل راقي ماشاء الله?? اعجبتني الموديلات وأشكالها وألوانها .. كل واحد يقول الزين عندي ? فعلًا تغذية بصرية تبارك الله ??

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